"The Family"

Front: Mark Templeton Cole and Lisa Gail Cole
Rear: John Anthony Cole, Ruth Templeton Medlock, Bryan Keith Cole
and Steve Glenn Cole (1955-2004)

Alan Cole Freeman, Aubrey Glenn Cole (1928-2010), Mark Templeton Cole

Ruth Templeton Medlock and Woodrow Medlock (1913-2006)
(Pastor Woodrow Medlock, Founder of Westview Baptist Church and Bellwood Baptist Church)

The Robert Marvin Cole Sr. Family

The Robert Marvin Cole Sr. Family

Front: Lee Opal Cole (Freeman-Spence) (1931-1997)
Robert Marvin Cole (1900-1979)
Mary Irene Hill (Cole) (1906-1989)
Back: Thomas Ray Cole (1941-2006)
J.H. Cole (1935-2005)
Robert Marvin Cole Jr (1927-1999)
Aubrey Glenn Cole (1928-2010)

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